Now they say I have the same characteristics as Jihadis and it will never make any sense because I fail to understand why talking about the bit where these idiots can always get involved with anybody’s life if they wanted means they can get involved with a Royal Prince’s renaissance and do whatever they like with it, then finish off especially the American ones with claims of how I have provoked them by getting involved with them to deploy their physical endowments to hurt people and set them off to make fame and fortune seeking an income from my work and public life and the perks of my job becomes less important than whether or not I have a jihadist character which I have clearly so suddenly adopted thereof and we have not even come to the part yet where they are tying me down somewhere in order to engage every aspect of my life with the vandalism of Political debates and thereby detach me from everything that God had blessed me with which is of a spiritual nature so they can simulate the history and own its as their personal glory but of course this is not alien to the west, the outcome is supposed to be that after they bother you to a stage and wreck your life doing so, eventually when they go away being that their corruptions of involvement means that once they want to get involved with anything they always get involved with it anyway and destroy the part they don’t like too in the process thereof, they will have the essence anyway and keeping them out will be something you do in vain because they are free and democratic men. I don’t see a problem with it for my part either, I simply cannot explain why they think I have the character of a jihadist as such; it’s the old story of stupid men in secret societies that are either very well organised and heavily subsidised by its members doing its worst or the small ad-hoc ones they have when they go to the Pub for a drink doing their damage instead but they know nothing about my character.  It’s like when the Housing issue comes up on the government agenda and it turns out the government is spending tax payer funds building homes for people who have jobs already – so that it is the government that is actually building homes for people who have jobs already and the story of large scale housing projects leading to crime ridden communities and slums has not yet come into the picture so far already, that part will never be discussed at all since the issues are largely a matter of social and government policy and what security looks like in the first place which then allows such things to occur as a result, so there will be no chance of that if the government is the one building homes for people that have jobs already (it is so laughable) but these guys do not want to be Politicians you see, it is the part where they turn up at Westminster that cannot be explained. They will likely say that my actions are one of the major contributions behind politicians hating the idea that they are Politicians but I wouldn’t know anyway since the last time we checked it was the incessant campaign against religion that has eventually taken its toll and now they have a really difficult time telling people to think about the health and safety and well being of their children while voting immoral people into government offices; so it is rather safe to say they are stuck and like to pretend they want my morals to get things done with so I can keep them out of here all the time; I mean there is nothing wrong with letting somebody use the truths and morals by which you live your life to run government business of course at face value in my opinion – it’s just that it was important to use it to get rich and help popular culture idiots to use it as a yard stick to extract money from the perks of your job and office first because they knew the one they will make you give up for government and Politics was always guaranteed as far as they were concerned. On the other hand are equally amusing realities such as Government building sites causing a problem in the neighbourhood of which people can always see that they need to be a bit tolerant lest they grab wrecking balls and snap them like twigs then kill off the contractors and end up in prison - otherwise I am not suggesting I am not having any fun as it were for it gets to a point where I have to take a walk outside of my home to see if there is anything about it which encourages the booing and the cooing and the need to touch anus very quickly and grab penis very quickly thing of which I have never before found any, to which it applies the personal diaries are full as it were and I am not writing anymore and they can try and make away by suggesting I am insane and mentally disturbed of course but it is the price they pay when they stop it. I cannot make out if it is government building projects winding people up or government building for those who already have jobs that is most amusing here. I understand they say there is a difficult issue concerning the process of building for the class divide which makes no sense, just like the question they ask about the reason I find it all so amusing; of which in terms of the former, what they are saying is that if the government has a generic lay out for building council homes and therefore builds one in an affluent area, some single mother with 4 children will not take it knowing it will help her claw back cash to look after her image and that of her Children, which makes this whole story of government building for those who have jobs even more ridiculous than ever and for the latter the reason it is so amusing being that after some 20 billion pounds had been spent building for those who already have jobs, they can then get off and explain it during polling day as it were for instance which is what a professional politician does. The story is always developed along the lines of how I have lost the affordable housing argument whereas we all know you build for the poor first and then those who can buy will buy and that will decide exactly how affordable it really is.