The money and sex part of these stupid things came into play after they found out there was an element of fame involved in when I do things to defend myself from those who think I only have the right to exist if I am stripped of my faith through mental abuse which if failed I must be pushed into crime and if I am not in prison or still alive when I have settled in on a life of always being pushed into crime twisted into something society does not want and rehabilitated and if I am still with my faith at the end of that will be a case of something else being the one that is the better aspect of me all the time for the rest of my life to create feeling and it was something I had put an end to before I turned 17 started again at the highest levels of government because they cannot leave people alone when they know I am 21 and will not get financial help from anybody or anywhere.

This idea I have taken too far things I do when people get around with me and stuff is the biggest lie in the book ever. The truth of it is that for example a Homosexual will never fancy me unless I look like I have lost some kind of battle, so if I would really love to have sex with me he must then set in motion steps which will ensure I loose some kind of battle and then have sex with me, at some point if he feels he can do and undo he will make sure I loose some battle and then no body will have the homosexual sex with me either so I can beg and grovel for it with no financial benefits whatsoever as well. Simple enough you might think it’s a case of don’t have sex with or get involved with them but it is not so simple because a careful look at it and you will find a situation where homosexuals will fancy you because when they have homosexual sex it does not affect the rest of their lives and so the plan is to make you homosexual because he knows it will affect your life and then have homosexual sex with you in a relationship where it will not affect his life but will your life when he does. So it is about being dragged into areas where peoples people have power over you and when it looks like you must always end up in a condition where every single idiot is the one that has power over you, you do get to have enough of it. Yes they claim I am the one that has power over people which is utter rubbish. I am rather the one with a literary empire and a royal estate trying to release much needed cash for my needs, not the one playing any stupid power games with them and their plans to ever always destroy my earnings and make excuses then get rich on it, will not end well as well. Everybody knows by now the purpose of their lies is to set up new positions whenever I clear out any existing ones from which they can squander my earnings and t started when Labour set me up and supported as well as protected them while they set off to do their violent integration into the right. I mean they will turn up and tell you if everybody does not live in high rise buildings so that they can feel they are really modern then people will die, so we all know they are wicked people but before long somebody is supporting a campaign of violent integration into the right; which is why I have taken steps as well and now they think they have been able to make success out of perceptions which suggest they have moved into the right and then taken the city I took from them from me as well. This is not true it is just their way of dealing with a really difficult condition they made worse by fighting me for so long playing bloody minded as if I am their mate and I have no idea how it will be resolved either through the deviances of society or their games with my bank balance, where telling them so always sees them tell me to shut up and fight which will never solve a thing.