Now I am being told that Politicians are searching every crack to see if they will have an opportunity to make me pay for what I have done which does not make any sense to me what I have done anyway; what they had done was spend tax payer funds to help people who do not believe others have the right to enjoy some hard earned financial wellbeing and developed all sorts of quangos at Civil service to dispense cash for it, claiming it will make them better people; now everybody’s bottom hurts and that of the Politicians hurts the most and these people have not become better people since, what has changed however is the need to attack me and insult me to such an extent that I am no longer able to prevent bad things from happening to or around my livelihood and so for the Politicians there is now a need to control Celebrities while Royalty complains about it and for the people themselves there is somebody here that is very keen to extract complains about being a population that is not protected from them, as it is usually the best disposition from which they can then tell me that I may achieve anything I like but will have it taken from me if they want it due to security issues.

The insults of Journalists and Television personalities in my view is usually a case of showing that they think that Television makes people bigger and so it’s a better alternative to just wasting away because they are not twice or three times my size or more like their big mouths suggest every time they shoot it off at me. The mainstay for it of course is the insults of Muslims and Asians but we all know people have been travelling to Asia and the East to get charms that will influence others and cause financial matters working in their favour, yet time and again when they are told not to make public statements or give those charms to those that will show up here to seek revolution based success, such an admonishment never really pays off as they will do it again and again and complain about me while blabbing the power of their disobedience as well.

I do get asked why these things happen and it’s an old tale of the fact that like it is in this occasion, they might have spent time from Monday to Friday damaging my Books on Media and society and Public places but on Saturday they had to have a conversation with somebody who had extremist views and have ended up expressing something about the sort of instances which shows that the Public ought to support the idea of Celebrities having a lot of money they have never really worked for, so they might preserve themselves and tackle extremists but it will never work because I cannot prevent bad things happening to my livelihood because of them. sometimes they point out their children getting the better of me which I could never understand anyway, I just know that it is really sad indeed when I get hold of it and become determined to decide what it is supposed to do with its time as well and then like the Politicians fool around with me and end up with 12 years of doing things with their Politicians which they find is regrettable but are unable to turn back time or handle me when I had decided they will not be changing it because it would mean they did not spend their time tackling Celebrities instead it will end up in a condition where it has no money and its academic pursuits have been broken as well.

We see the Americans busy at this sort of stuff all the time too and in their case the dream was to have a kid like me stuck in a difficult condition, so they might make me deals in return for my own financial well being and are now dreaming of a condition in which they were able to pick up their phones and ring their friends to ensure I cannot get job, like the British ones have gone from not being able to revenge what they have regrettably done to their Politicians, to a state of being convinced the way forward is to damage my finances, not allowing these things happen produces a process of activities which also add up to what has proven publicly to be a good use of their time too, hence the question at the centre of all these being that of whether I can protect my Books from these attacks and damage of which the answer is that I can. It’s never really an unusual situation, what we have is a group of people who like everybody else has a talent, have a talent for creating problems that will engulf everybody else giving them an opportunity to have a taste of leadership and I aim to detach them from that Government Office so they might gain the opportunity to make as much trouble as they see fit as well – it means that I need to get the finances that the Media and Television personalities love to based most of their financially destructive abuses on sorted out, after years of enjoying the delay that hurts my evil Mum as well and lets the Celebrities show up here to decide that they control relationships I have with my parents and will get me cooperating with their needs for it – the business of an ability to have a livelihood and a relationship and friendships with others being that which is in their hands and that which they control will not do; so the case of being emotional about tackling their finances as they only ever let people be when they have no money has now been matched by flurries of facts showing in public to indicate why they are poor people in the first place, hence it is all about balance. When it comes to the case of how it is their money being spent to get a life however, that was another story of how they blab about insults that can stop me accessing my public image because they love to wreck peoples lives to enjoy city life, especially when they think Politicians will ensure the victims cannot handle them for it, which of course is where all that making me smell like me loo fostered by their equally silly gurus develops from. Its is not as random as they have made out, it is a very well calculated plan.

It has never really been any more complicated than a sense of fighting for One’s own personally organised life so to speak; when it loves to abuse you to make its braindead children feel good, it will not stop until it is convinced the business or source of income will be jeopardised, when it loves to because it is the bully in the neighbourhood, it stops when it has to feel as though it is single while it shares a home with fellow bully spouse before it stops and then there is the business of making sure the stupidities of their Politicians does not put a process of making a living, having a family and getting a life in other people’s hands, especially theirs. I am now told that it is important to some people that everybody else is able to do what I am doing as well, which I have no idea why people whose jobs I am not sharing fail to see is incredibly insulting anyway; what we do know is that the bit that will get me crushing the Celebrity culture will be the one where I have prevented damage to my Books such as these from occurring but have failed to ensure that everything to do with derivatives of what I have written are the property of this Empire and its Estate, in which process I may ask them to put it in my face one more time if they were insane enough for it. I know that some people wonder why it happens all the time but the reality is that every other excuse is made up, the only truth there is, is that they control any relationships I have with my parents to get rich and famous and only then is it possible to look at it in terms of the question of why people do such things to other human beings, bearing in mind what sorts of success I would enjoy lending them pure misery by writing Books around the relationship that they have with their parents and like in my case when I do not speak to my Mum, it means they get rich and famous to destroy everything here telling me how to exist.

First I had to contend with Industry people being concerned I may be trying to get rich on the influence their Companies have exerted on the world and then I had to contend with the Politicians after and now I simply have to contend with another random group of people delaying my income because they believe others should be able to do what I am doing. We see the Industry trouble makers issue the threats as well and yet the highlight of their day is usually when they are hiring and firing, which I am not going to rip up for them at all – all I am asking is that I want everything to do with comments made or actions taken which turn people on or off my Books to cease completely and nobody knows how they may define insults that mean my Public image was about them anyway. I do not think it a complicated issue as a whole as such, just the tiring question of what I have to do to protect my Book without getting confrontational with these people. They do also claim I have not done anything to justify my Books but so are we aware that as far as Intellectual property is concerned, sometimes there is an aspect that involves people creating giant billboards along the roads concerning the Companies and that it has become clear at this stage that I am not a novice at what I do as well – as for the justification of my Books, I do not need that at all, the real problem has developed from a need to chase my around and share what I have giving rise to an inability to listen to what I am saying while they want to secure the benefits of reading my Books because they think it will make them money; so we have people with a sense that there is an aspect of their civil rights trouble makers hurting others which is usually a good thing and has developed to a stage where their Community croons are so keen to hide this fact and use the abusiveness of it as a tool to get rich quick that the same reason people become racists because others are bulling them and deciding how they will remain, has been applied to ensure that I am to remain as a character that likes it when somebody else is a victim of racism when I am not and it’s all them making it up all of the time, relying on a process where I do not take a holiday from their stupidities in order to clear it up while the media uses it as a tool to gather crowds that will help make my finances their own telling lies every day for the last 13 years to that effect; soon after which they then tell me that they were more worthy to be Royals than I was and I have no idea if I borrowed Money from HM to be an Arch Prince or got a Loan from them for it, thereby justifying the point exactly at which they became more worthy than I was all together. Tendency is to say if a civil rights goon killed somebody it was okay because Nelson Mandela for instance is a God and it is in the same way we see them get involved with my concerns to end up with this intrusion and its disobedience which does not allow them read my Books while they spend time making sure others do not have access too – some have even ended up in a condition whereby they are faced with even more obvious facts that God and the Devil exist but are trying even harder to deny it and yet it was as simple as the fact they were not invited as they were not ready for such an experience.

People do not have to read my Books or get involved with what I am doing as made out on Media, most people are not ready for the experience and some probably need me preparing them for it. It’s like when they say I am convinced everything I do is right as well which has nothing to do with it – nothing at all to do with who is right or wrong but the fact everybody is dealing with extremism as much as the Celebrities are but only the Celebrities think it makes them entitled to riches so they might save their energy for it; every time the Media abuse and damage means that my Book sales have been wrecked, it will continue to add up a situation which means that I am unable to ensure bad things are not happening to my livelihood and I will also take steps to ensure their women never rest until they ‘gut me’ for everything I have eaten by media of abusive and insulting civil rights women whiles because they were never be a protected population for it.