I understand as such when the context of their need to rip up my academic work and pass their exams to sit about at Industry making sure I never get it completed until they had run off their need for popularity and money over me to any extent that they wanted, that Brexit is becoming an Arena for Far Right Extremists and yes it should be, anything that adds up to a case of lets get together and own the Country is always a hot bed for far right extremists, the other problem we have is that while we monitor that, the other group of remain campaign goons are telling us what to do and will not be convinced by any event that they need to allow leaders do what needs be done, mind their business and stop insulting people. I do get told the whole thing is becoming very hopeless while I am complacent about it all which I am not, its all criminal trickery, Police Officers are never going to think of it as criminal trickery, they will think of it as the things idiots do when criminals are being tackled because they were planning to commit crimes of their own. The problem with these other pests in suits insulting me all the time being that I am the disrespectful one and they were pests in suits that could not be convinced otherwise to play up their dirty slimy corruption somewhere else an experiment to find out if it is really true that I can defend myself from everything else apart from the media, being that none seems to have the power or will that convinced them that the big idea of playing with criminal trickery and then making out the hurting bottoms was another person’s liability they can follow up with insults and abuses that will make people act to protect them was not acceptable in any of its forms. For my part I am really it seems going to get to a stage where I no longer look at it as a waste of my time and then complaining about me churning their tummy as well, that involves things being said to me which if I put back to back would make me a very successful comedians career just describing their stupidities to an audience, to a stage where I start to make them own very real in every turn to allow me reach a resolve that will get me teaching them lessons they will never forget as well – I mean they are not important people, need to keep away from my Books, stop following me around and stop telling me what to do. We were all aware that being an innovative economy was clashing with the EU as far as Brexit was concerned and we all know if they wanted to remain in the EU they had to win the referendum first of all which they didn’t, now the theory is that Brexit is a hot bed for extremists and there are people who are not getting along with the demands of those who wanted to remain as insultingly as possible – all they need to do is stop playing around with criminal trickery and lies at my expense; I mean between 2002 and 2005, the main case with the stupid media jobs was to handle my person and make out I have been sleeping with peoples wives, which will get the husbands claiming everything I had before the truth became obvious, it soon progressed to other intense and life damaging insults that involved ripping up my academic work to ensure I was engaged in civil rights movements because they were the ones in need of civil rights first before I was and needed such a position to be a popularity and financial advantage, now it’s just a case of getting about telling me what to do on a daily basis, playing around with criminal lies and trickery and drawing up an intention to own my Public image which is where they tend to tell their own lies as well, about which the Public image does not belong to them and they need clear my space. They do always claim I talk but there is nothing I can do while reality is that we are where we are because I have not done anything about them for ages, allowing them to rely on me not to while they find out if Media can manipulate and dominate me as I appear to be vulnerable to its whims: threatening me on account they need popularity and money is not in anyway a part of their civil rights and looking for a fight over it is a gimmick they will definitely regret – what we see is that it has no clue what it is doing so on one side of the road are the racists who have said this is my Country and not yours to gain an edge and on their side is a statement they have made about who is keeping their popularity and money at a leadership position on whom everything relies as they tell the racist that it is their Country – so the incentive of the racist killing them is greater than ever while my Literary Empire is to be sacrificed to save lives and the incredible stupid American ones have gone from claiming it is their secret place for getting rich and famous to claiming it is an affront to their civil freedoms and that they are planning to take Candy from a baby while they have not yet resolved the reasons they hate my guts and what will happen with the assumption that it is never going to get worse as it were; so what has brought the confusion is my inaction with react to their insanity and I did break up an Empire to broker the equities with other Companies during a recession, so they got involved and now their discretion is required when products are as expensive as homes to sell to the consumers after they have informed the consumers of where the creative equities came from, this is all I want, the threats and insults will not suffice, they are not important people, just pests in suits who need to stop telling me what to do. I have lived with this nonsense for years, time and again media insults and an experiment to see how far the theory that I can protect myself from everything else, but the media goes and   believe I am clear enough that I am fed up with it too. So what happens with the criminal trickery obviously is that it loves to bother me all the time and when I had decided its head needs to be filled with some writing, so it becomes a bit gay and I do not have to pay the price for its stupidities and corruption of involvement like so all the time, the result is a group of fools with media jobs seeking trapping of power going off to forge an alliance with them and then sitting about in Public places ripping up my academic work and finances to place me on unemployment support and we all know it is the reason we hear them complain as well that once I shut down the stupid things people think they can do with me, they will be banished to a life of poverty, which I have no idea why it is believed that I should care anyway, just as it is obvious when I strip them of all things gained in the form of personal security for people this stupid that involved pillaging everything I have to make a case for outrageous vandalism that helps them feel safe due to their lifestyle and the way that it affects other people, they are going to get seriously hurt by all those people who want to dish out some pain for it as well.

They say I need to stop describing myself in terms of my Office as it is irritating but its not my type of activity, it just fits so well with the insanity we see Media and Celebrities and some Politicians exhibit; they have spent the last 13 years of my time practicing how to be more important than I am on media and talking so much nonsense at me about disrespect on my part for it – I have warned them about a revenge I will seek to get from them that will pay for the pension shortfall but they have continued to pretend the bigger than I am, better looking and have more money gimmicks that lets them rip up what I am doing and gather up at the City centre blabbing about how their worst enemies are those who show up to take back careers that had been taken from them, will suffice. It started way back in 2003, main incentive at the time was the stupid media and celebrity jobs making the decisions as per whose personal life and public image will be deployed to tidy up Political leaders who made the decision to go to war, which then appears to have clashed with my position that the war may only end if both blue and red sides involved did not kill the innocent people caught in the middle of it, now they are the ones with hurting bottoms, I am the one who dropped out of University and they are also the ones who have a problem respecting what my feelings are on the matter and their further involvement with my concerns like we see them do every day. It’s the same criminal trickery games, full of features such as push comes to shove and they will be better off, if they are not, then somebody becomes subject of complain right up to Government buildings. It has always been all about money; when the racists had decided they own the land and these goons had decided who keeps their money and popularity, we are all going to get killed in a fireball – that said, I am in charge and they are not and if I laid their insults back to back it would make me a comedians career. They say I am never concerned I do not have as much support at the Monarchy as I believe myself to have, which is utter nonsense – what really happens is that Service Operatives need to convince these goons their work operates on a professional basis all the time while in my case I have no command or leadership, so what happens is a matter of those that are loyal to the Hospitality I provide when they come round to do National service – this is what I cannot allow those that are not Loyal to me deploy i.e. for instance it can be an abusive process where other Royals who get along well with Celebrities facilitate service operatives, in my case its largely a matter of smaller people who have defended themselves successfully from big bad people in some way and my sense of National security with respect to the women in my head letting me measure peace and civility facilitating the Armed Forces which I cannot allow those that are not loyal to me share. I hear it has been infiltrated by the far right which is all very well and so I am sure they are aware weaving themselves into my concerns means that since I am hopelessly dependent on the kinds of weapons I get to fight them with, I will be selling the superiority to raise the funds thereof and it will be a classic case of the reasons ethnic minorities never do work and need to be exterminated. The main problem I have is that of this sense hanging over me that I need to explain my Book writing and my academic pursuits to some media goons who fancy themselves bullies and claim they will not shut down the comments and criminal patent breaching processes of handling my Books which I have not responded to yet, because I had started a war, while a war would have been the part where I shot their stupid brain; so it is getting peeled away stage by stage until we get to the core once everything that prevents people from getting out of bed to attack the Media has been removed; on a personal basis of which handling my Books without permission is criminal activity and my warnings are not being heeded so I do not have to blame myself for any consequences I dish out too. They do say when they speak of wars I have started, its about Russia but the case is always that anything to do with Russia means loyalty to the US is to be tested to destruction and so it turns to a process of entrapment, entrapment that becomes a good option because its very nasty and they have also left out the business of blabbing off daily that I am their bitch – classic case then on buying security and making sure that those who sold you the tools are not selling it to somebody else. It’s the same case we see with what is happening at the EU where I am asked about the real nature of challenges we face in terms of the economy which is an old tale of the fact that we had three years before the French and Germans gathered up the EU to work on a case of other Countries who deserve British economic success as the UK was smaller to speak of processes of innovation about which their societies were imploding with violence as we speak and the only draw back to those years of working on innovation and global minority inclusion without bother China and Asia, it was the Europeans vandalising everything that was being done – so their exit statement is usually that I need to choose which side of Brexit I am on and mine is usually that of what they shall do if I do not. In the end it’s the very business of society trouble makers and the tyrants they suck up to all over the world conducting Industrial espionage on me that had backfired i.e. the fashion models and celebrities being made to spend more time with people that are really responsible for their insanity, not take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at Criminals all over my Public image while their trading European friends destroy British Hospitality and the Media complains about hurting bottoms after years of claiming my abilities are things that really should be owned by racists on account they were trying to get along with football people; it’s a gift that keeps giving apparently and the society trouble makers that need to ensure I smell every time I step outside of my door are not grabbing anything.