I understand the story of being picked on by Politicians will never really improve but the Politicians appear to have gotten into a habit of it because they expect a response from me that gets me working with their needs. I do not however see a prospect of me working with their needs ever happening anyway; what we have is a group of idiots who clown around all the time and have never really changed over the last five years doing nothing else save getting involved with my livelihood to stop the payment from the customers. So in terms of government they say I am happy to be the real trouble maker while much the same stupidities apply i.e. has no wish to speak to anybody about government matters only the part where private property helps to run the Country being deployed to serve its stupidities and other enjoyment it wants to experience. We see the media idiots copy the same nonsense as well bearing in mind they do have access to a means by which to make out what is to happen depends on what the public thinks is happening so when they attack you and what you do about it is not publicised the abuses and attacks will go on for eternity. I personally do not think that it will; I simply have ended up with a so called difficult existence because their insults makes me really angry and we all know Journalist and television personalities on Media is a very different thing from when they show up in the real world to continue that process of keeping an eye on everybody for clients that buy products from companies that employ those who dare to have what their stupidities have not yet tasted but here is the thing i.e. their families are not affected by this nonsense they work with Politicians to create where their most prized possession is that of foolish women making moral and religious people get into a fight inescapably over money problems and yet one moment we find their complain about a process where I am taken steps to ensure their families who are seldom informed about the nonsense I have to tolerate each time they attend office live with them crying mercy because they do not wish to exist in a condition where they are always keeping problems to themselves that are capable of wiping out whole generations – but then again having explained away their position as one where if I said they were stupid it would get me into a difficult situation, we still find when Mr Corbin makes a public appearance for any reason, it involves their cracked up out of my league wise arse society idiots chasing my bum and when the Prime Minister does it involves fashion twerps building trends on my Public image because they did not get bailed out like the Banks; all the while we find them make out they are also able to calculate entirely what I am capable too and so it never really changes. Now it has come to a stage where it is looking a viable prospect to get after celebrity culture and popular culture in order to destroy it and interfere for the purpose of stopping customer payment, they have again started claiming what they are doing is entirely my fault – so we can see it is a group of idiots who appear to have need of a hard lesson before they had stopped this sort of fun. They have turned the purpose of government on its head and like to say that there is an alternative point of view to mine all together when there isn’t and if there was one it would never be as good as me taking the steps to explain that its them dividing the Country into big power and middle power and small power and small power cannot just get along with what it can do without middle power that thinks it cannot keep its hands to itself ripping something up and we have now ended up with this situation where each time they do the Monarchy decides they have damaged a vital part of society and do have some National enemies that need resolving in order to repair it. Thus where the story holds water the most that I am happy to be a little twerp that goes around annoying everybody for the Monarchy while the reality is still the business of getting involved with his livelihood to stop payments and has been going on for the best part of 13 years everyday very abusively. In the end I am studying the law and it is a very stimulating business being a law maker, once done with the studying, a legislation is then drafted and once it is drafted your assumption is that you have it all sorted out but then you get into parliament and somebody says something and you have never heard it being said before, another time you think you have heard it and another person will say it and you have never heard it said in that way before – so if you wanted to be a career politician bearing in mind the insults of society idiots, the youth and strength is usually the most important item you need to have and then if you do get to the top, you may hope for a diplomatic appointment and this is usually the stage at which a Politician may operate on the ground when things are happening without really getting into violent trouble for it – what we have here are a group of clowns inciting nonsense against me all the time, who do not really have the time and energy for the job anymore.

Over 60% of the reasons for all the problems these guys have on my case is due to their need to address and talk to me in public places and we can see there is financial incentive to doing it which is why suffering for doing it leads to revenge while the attitude continues; in the end it means other Royals cannot support me and if I write a Book they get together with their Politicians to get involved with the Business and stop payment as stupid as bricks the whole time. I could never understand why they do it anyway, what this obsession with being Millionaire MP is all about anyway; we all know that its not the talents they steal or confiscate but the fact Millionaires have to host parties for very rich people who handle and sell the products that they designed and that this is what their working week looks like all the time, so if they were out of fact on how to become millionaire MPs I suppose I have not done too badly but either way, in the end whenever the legacy of slavery and slave trade and racism comes it affects everybody, it is still the same process by which somebody gets off on government buildings to incite society to poke my tummy and make me smell like my loo because it will be amusing especially when they were able to build publicity that helps grab my career as well, still the same process that meant 6 million Jews were gassed, still the same process that meant these sorts of abuses provide pleasure for a crowd in order for it to hold place, still the same sort of abuse that affects the Politicians. As for the Liberals and the Media, they believe their position to be one that controls and owns the migrants and none whites and have got a job on their hands apparently. They story of racism they say is that which I must be made to eliminate because without it they stood a better opportunity of getting to the Monarchy before I did and I could never understand anyway since it has always been the same abusive nonsense – pick up some adult that has bills to pay and figure out which subjects he had studied then sit about with an abusive part of the public you have groomed to claim ownership of every career path associated with his talents and skills as linked to what he studied, so that each time you had practiced a form of nepotism on him the effect will hit him in a personal way, such that a lot of the times it will let you notice him trip and then pick himself up so make a public case of his existence for more copying frenzy. So, they are always keen on the Politics because you have to serve many people and have to climb many ropes and when you beat them all down anyway cannot get over it; I want therefore to see less of their stupidities around my Books if they did not write it all together before I pillage the Media and Celebrity culture for them as well for a start. They usually love that other case where I am no Royalty and for me its become a big joke but usually it is the jokes that become the most annoying in the future when they have become so – what happened in my case was that I planned to run an intellectual property administration business while they have always thought big business was full of thieves when we know they steal more than big business do if it is obvious that it is difficult to take something from another when millions of people know it belongs to him or her – so the problem their politicians have developed over my Literary Empire is that the white people want to be able to run through the world until they hit a wall on the left and then again on the right without being subject to making way for others or interference by any rules but then again have not yet worked out how they will get out of the economic crisis out of their own expense first of all – while the ethnic minority fools do not accept my leadership and show up here to express something about their insulting Liberalism and the power of their money by which they corrupt my Estate fraternity like we know the west has to do with peoples sanctuary all the time even when it leads to violence and death: same case where these insults are largely a product of some Dave from the USA who wanted to marry the daughter of the Duke of York and ever since he got involved with her I have dropped out of University, I have lost job upon job, I have ended up with society bear bating between me and Federated bastards from around the world talking nonsense on the streets and doing much less when they do meet me, which the Politicians are complaining about but using to churn my tummy and grab a public image never the less, I have now ended up with ageist idiots sitting at Industry to deploy my Books and boost their income without paying for it while media fools and the fans that follow it have the fun of watching me suffer and we never see them tell their families it is what they are doing until they are crying mercy for those too claiming I am a coward in the process – so I would fancy the joke of making out I am not Royalty to stop, from them at least if not all the others; bloody losers did not marry the Princess anyway and Prince Harry has been the one marrying America since. Point is, when they do their own and got an issue sorted out all the way to high industry, then returned to sort out society as well, to secure attention from HM that ensures The Queen is not worried about them playing around with Public security that involves people paying attention to their jobs instead of other peoples lives while avoiding a political crisis of Politicians owning big companies full of goons who want to get rich and know they can make it happen easier if people were stuck in a work and family and shopping cycle for it – until then they can keep their insults off my case; I started out wanting to run an Intellectual Property Administration Business but got a Royal Estate instead, it does mean I can never be sad but they do need to watch it since we tend to see them go too far all the time. I do get told I run my concerns in a self harming manner which I do not; people have consistently and abusively towards me enjoyed buying into a processes where I am being bullied and abused and need to come face to face with a brick wall that makes it clear their stupidities will not be tolerated at all when I am running or handling my own personal concerns@ especially when they want to marry into the Royal Family in order to obtain by privilege a process of having my achievements ascribed to them instead of achieving their own by their ownsweat, then blab nonsense after about being Royalty while I am not the whole time.