Most of these things hinge on the quantity and number of human activity that Politicians believe there will be the sense they are in charge if they control basically but in actual fact it is not what they want but what their spin doctors want and I will not be governed by any fools spin doctors that suppose if they write books about their bosses it will not make as much money as if my attributes were attached to their bosses for them to write books with and I will not put up with any mess made of my work with stupid incompetence either nor will I give up any means that I currently deploy to deplete their earnings alongside their mainstream media goons.

The media goons that like to get off everyday to extract a reaction from me for fun by finding out things that are valuable to me and putting them on media to pass them off as somebody else’s own then make money with all sorts of things thereof especially commercials. It never troubles me any half as much as they make out it does because I have been clear that I will teach them a serious lesson for it to create improvements into the situation on one hand and on the other for their bosses they can abuse anybody they like as long as those people have things that can be abused apparently so there is no problems with that.

I mean I have put up with enough rubbish from their agents who find them the jobs and media bosses do not think I am serious when I tell them the facts are on the contrary; their staff cannot do whatever they like. Its like the old stuff about my patronage for the American film industry when each time we put together the UK as a country his history and the second world war and what we are as a people it turns out when you love your own wife we end up with television and not films but I will be taught a lesson for the betrayal because money has their name written on it and they have a big mouth.

So maybe I have not said anything important but I believe I have issued threats with respect to the media and that should mean something; I will knock their blocks off most definitely.

I have no idea by the way why people love to make out the idea that those who speak of moral issues on the Political scene and attend church condone abuse and rape and all that stuff, it makes great news though; I can see a process where you help some girl that has been raped, adopt the child that she carries from their ordeal so she does not have to commit an abortion earning you the hatred of poster boy media idiots who think you consider yourself to be the best person in the world and that they have every right to ensure every problem ends up in your life; I mean I for example have the capacity to confiscate that stupid left and use it to make the payments for any damages but they are already currently armed with claims I am a Christian who condones rape and abuse and they are the lovers of women so they will have things they can pick up from what I said to make out the idea I am a hypocrite while they work the process of bullying me because I comprehensively help a rape victim in a posture in which they are popular for it. What really happens of course is rather therefore that they claim people who attend church think that democracy should be a moral thing, whereas in actual fact what happens is that when people make an effort to be nice to them, that attack those and then lean on yet more in order to hurt yet more and tell their men to beat up yet more for them and so before long we will find that they will be having sex in public like some kind of self expression until somebody has them seriously beaten up for it, so they can attack me on account I am the Christian whose existence create the idea these things that these men want is a good thing which clearly changes much. Its much the same too with behaviour towards disability; where a disabled person will want to commit suicide and the law will say that he cannot but although the rest of us in society stand by the side of those that are in pain and suffering, we cannot express yourselves and our feelings on that lest we get into trouble, so when they carry on like that and get raped there is a new problem because somebody expressed themselves and said it serves them right.

This is not to say I move off the facts; the truth is that it is all to be determined by the Law. Rape is a very severe form of assault and battery of a person, however it is not the fault of the person who expresses the fact that the victim made a contribution to it and it serves them right. So the issues remain as they were; Is rape a very severe form of assaulting a person? Yep. Is it a crime? Yep. Do women like crimes to be committed against them? This last one is a bit of a grey area because everybody have their own choices laid out before them.

Its like they say I persecute football people and popular culture celebrities for absolutely no reason, when in actual fact all that money they have clearly worked for, not to mention the fact that when mothers do something about their immoral sons conspiracies emerge run by media other bullies women are supposed to fear and popular culture but in order to wind me up, ends with an attack on me which has to do with confiscating my privacy and then my fame and then my career, to get off on media to do the Germanic thing at me and then threaten me and show me they are better and more worthy people to walk the earth than I am literarily, which they claim is a competition concerned with my royal privileges that they have confiscated because it looks better on them and that they have won and I cannot recover it too, even tell me I cannot say anything about it lest racists get an incentive while they become really optimistic about somebody they can hurt who has no means of complaining about it. They damage my empire trust to intensely I have no means of extracting an income from it and I must have it dealt with intensely enough to ensure they turn from it anywhere and everywhere on the planet that they see it.