It is certainly incredible that the Media wants to and is discussing the secretes of Team GB success while the Olympics is still running; I wouldn’t knows anyway, all I know is that an example instance of putting up with the stupidities of Men is when I have to protect the state of mind that facilitates Book writing and have to spend money on my health to facilitate the means and ability to do a paid employment. The real issues have always been the power of original provocation that is untouchable unless those who want it wish to deal with armed conflict of course and it is the story we are all used to, that the result always means that democracy and freedom, for which reason others do not have the right to breathe the free air is when I am provoked and do nothing about it, whereby how much they gain from it and make it profitable will depend on what I could have done which I did not do and the effect it has on me depending on whether it is what the Politicians wish to make of me, considering they have access to National coffers, which in terms of harming other persons financially so idiots can undercut them and guarantee a reaction, is pretty unlimited amount of money; what we have ended up with of which is the need to punish me for rejection every time they have been rebuffed for trying to squander my possessions or building up a reputation for themselves on Media based on how I was raised and where and how I grew up and where I considered myself to have had childhood friends, along with building up their own version of all I have worked for but setting out on the basis of public survey how to make it more important which when fails to work, is the reason for those unexpected vandalism of my property to ensure that it looks the part; their freedom and democracy cannot apparently take another form.

I have never really had a problem with it, just this story of the secret to Team GB success while the Olympics 2016 is still going on and I remember it is the same that happened to me i.e. I have not even been bullied anywhere near a process where I have lost a sense of myself, so that others who do not like themselves can become me and they have already built up National Media publicity for themselves that says otherwise and so the outcome of their stupidities has come to depend on me as well because I was always stronger otherwise I would never have been Royalty in the first place. Hence I feel that they have pricked me again, since it is obvious according to their homosexual cultures, what they will start off yet again as another story which backs up their claims of where the source of Team GB success is. So it is only the more confrontational and violence profitable version of stealing people’s property and then provoking them to a point where they cannot concentrate and work for another one considering it is other peoples energy they deploy; it causes that need to break out of that maze they build on everybody with that stupid Media and Celebrity culture which says that they are always angry about other people’s success because they suffered injustice – the reality is the disparity between what we see them do on Public places and Media and how they behave at the dining Table and at the restaurants with their family, which does set out clearly that they enjoy doing their wickedness but also that those of us who do not do it as well, live like we do because we want a society that is tolerable for all; the story of how I tell lies all the time but do the same things they do, whereby what they do is only done in vengeance is what I set out to attack in such circumstances and on this occasion it largely moves away from a matter of stealing my income because they want money using celebrity culture and Media and then making contact with me to dominate me in order to ensure they are rich all together and powerful i.e. able to dominate me and make poor etc, this usually leads to an outcome where I want them to chose what they want to work on and cause people distress with public exhibition of sweat and grit and in the same vein share the money with those that have suffered because they are always forcing me to do civil rights and it is also my money and it is never enough for them no matter what they have. They however always say the more I react is the more the need to gather their own crowds and steal ideas from me makes sense but moreover of which I tend to underestimate the fact that they have got their own people that will ensure I never achieve such things – I don’t mind anyway because it is what I talk about when I mention their destructive habit that damages things they want to gain from so they might be the only ones that get to, while those things actually belong to others and how it is a reality they do not respect, that when I handle their case too, lots of celebrities will be getting harmed in a short period of time.

The case of how making them share the wealth is what I cannot accomplish is well noted and we are not mates either – I want them to clear my space and keep off my Business Empire’s income. It tends to make sense of what is said when people claim this is not how Royalty should be making money but which does not in any way matter if I have them where I want them to be anyway. It is the people who have trouble letting success come to the process of those who have not worked for their millions but have damaged people’s lives and property, sharing the wealth, that are their main source of strength of course and they always come from the tabloids, otherwise are incredibly stupid and destructive back door Industry snooping scum that love to rip up and peddle my Royal brand for money – so they do understand me better than everybody else, if I have not come across clearly enough for general public consumption I should mention. It is apt revenge for that bad health giving insatiable need for theirs to tell me what to do. I have always expected their financial bully’s revenge for rejection freedom and democracy to extent where they love to bask in and stand around in my personality, turn my tummy inside out and get off to display what they learn of it in public as their own possessions but they had already complained about my lack of respect for freedom before now anyway and that complain is going to deepen further.