They always point out the daily cases of Men wanting to get on Public places and Media where they may be able to decide how much work I have done in order to deserve the earnings from my Books, while making plans to get rich quick with my work of their own and so my Books have ended up in that situation because of the goons who imagine that doing the bad things that bad people do to me, just makes me do something about bad people and does not make them one and the whole while we know the goons have not been sharing their incomes for it as well in the first place, they have chosen alternative lifestyles to make their own even easier than it already is and the purpose of that is to alongside popular culture provoke me in their own right by messing with my business every day. I do wonder if these men wish to know what my opinion on the matter is and yes they always say that they are very important but in my view they are not; its largely a matter of relying on me not to punish any processes of building practical jokes around my earning margins and playing around with my feelings over it to make out it is democracy while it is wild and unbridled stupid pleasure which they have figured how to enjoy without paying for at their own expense and I really hate the outcome of the fact whenever I sit around reading my Bible having planned it so well, I still have those spasms of worry about how some invoices will be paid, while the fools claim this condition has become an interest of theirs which an equally stupid crowd need to gather around and help them enforce and keep going with in order to enjoy life – its occultic nonsense and it really loves the degradation bits like it wants me to follow it around and find out where it meets to wear frocks and pretend it controls the City so I might write a note for the suggestion box or send them a personal letter of my own all together, I am really tired of it and the daily insulting tests, starting to look like I am going to make them squirm before it stops. They say the business of what they want from me is still the great mystery but it is not; what happens is that it follows me around because of what I know, making a mess of my life and then when I write a Book, it starts a mini war because it does not wish to buy it and for every time it gets involved with me, what it is really looking for was located in the Books it has refused to buy and it does not share its salary that gets to its stupid head in which there is a small brain with a penis attached with me either – so the way out of this case where there is a service attached to the Books I am selling and they use it as the modus by which to communicate their stupidities to me all the time is to try and find out whether the fact they wear those suits looking like civilised individuals does translate into an actual process that govern their general behaviour first and if it is not, they will be giving me my space the way I want them to all together; we have heard them point out these days that the problem with me is that I spend my time responding to people it is not worth responding to and this is what they tell me after I dropped out of University while nobody tackled them to make them respond to women buzzing strange sounds into peoples ears in the neighbourhoods, hence they passed their exams and got the jobs that have made them such a bunch of bullying scum today, with respect to which they hate my guts and those who can beat up shower themselves with praise all the time while those who cannot hurt themselves and throw around blame culture since the last time I decided the point of the exercise we engage ourselves in simply has to be that they were going to be doing it instead – I spend my time responding to people it is not worth my time to respond to after years of making sure I did not complete the academic work because it would be so pleasurable for me to respond to the stupidities that passes on their left and right hand side, even when I knew it was mental illness to do so. They do remind me I appear to be at war with young people all the time but first of all, I am in charge and they are not, such that if I laid out their insults back to back, especially the parts that mock me all the time over public duties, I will end up with a comedians career – apart from which it is not sustainable to have the academic work and finances wrecked, have public transport goons chasing my bottom and then popular culture gits that want to get rich from my personality beating me up because I smell, just so that I might share what I have, hence their civil rights is looking like this for the time being and if I get hold of their own as well, I am never going to begin with the market separatism and then when I start to force them to just get on with daily concerns, the Politicians will not get involved and there will not be a real fight. Its an old story; they say insults about being out of my league and making me feel like vomiting all the time is probably not worth a response on my part and if I cracked them up as well out of my league, it is the worst that could have happened. I do get told its confusing but the reality is that they get along with society trouble makers and cannot do a thing without sex but always want others paying the price for it, so we find that my work gets me stuck somewhere a place the crowd show up to shower them with love at random, being made to clean up any violent mess that may have followed them around, the more I got insulted and abused for it; mine has now evolved a position into one that says they are mentally ill and mentally ill society goons should be spying on others to steal ideas and run off to build business empires which let them get around with equally mentally ill celebrities and fashion people without me – hence I get told they are very successful people and should not be regarded in that way, which is utter nonsense; they are mentally ill and the part about taking pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my public image to make magazines that show up at the shops is just meant to lend me pure misery and build me hell on the streets, just like the occultic abuses of the Men meaning that when I had been set up in that way, so I look like a character that will give people anything they demanded from me, people can sense it as I walk down the streets, looking like I have not got any clothes on. Its nothing unusual; I am an Arch Prince and I am better off serving my purpose by staying out of trouble, not getting hurt so that Church people may be left with a need to do some violent sin to avenge me but then again if I want to get involved with people at a diplomacy role, there is the women in my head and basic public civility to consider especially in terms of crowd controlling these other trouble makers that are so terribly skilled at destroying civil resources, driving themselves mad and blaming others, so they may be able to create war whenever they are not getting what they wanted, tends to mean that I get along with Journalists better than all the others and I have no idea why this condition is not simple enough for everybody else either – feeds into this case where it is said I perform double standards over fashion while reality is that there are many types; the ones that take a little bit of my work and build a whole range out of it are likely to respond in a manner that suggests is a baby losing his candy to somebody else if I acted because it is not necessarily respectful – the ones that are respectful I can ignore and let their fashion thing run as it wants because it lets me get on with mine concerns too, whether or not they follow my social media profile – there are other still who consider what Royalty around the world think of me for instance and if I have a job to build a piece for a Diplomats Wife for instance will want to get guidance and information from me and these are the ones who are involved in direct property broker, the effect of which is that I am something they fancy and our biggest problem are twisted evil good feelings of love sucking society idiots making a mess of the basic process of existence but then again as I said they cannot take advantage of me as I am better serving my cause by staying out of trouble, not getting into an inability to leave alone the society trouble makers themselves who have a point to their behaviour, hence leaving Church people to do some violent sins of their own in order to avenge me at a later time.

Right next to this is a matter of people wanting to get along with what I am doing on social Media and I suppose it’s a good time to go Public with the fact I had decided each time people show up here to find me a fight that will make them comfortable, matters I had already gotten under control get completely out of hand and this is a Public stage that is currently being spent by Companies that broker Equities with my Estate as a matter of a state of affairs we agreed upon, looking like we may carry on like that until we eventually stop some of the most silly and destructive things we see Liberal American spend its time on at other peoples expense these days. I did start out as a case of shutting down junkies mobility running around Industry ripping peoples lives and health to shred because they were fulfilling dreams of getting rich as equally as I shut down the case of large companies investing my Equities without buying my Books but this was rather slow, I have point it out because it may work for some people never the less and the business of instability at the Monarchy had been resolved at this stage i.e. it is quite impossible to control junkies running around industry to make money, live the dream and rip up peoples lives and well being if HRH The Prince of Wales had decided he wants to be running around with popularity people himself all together, it has now been settled and I can get on with my Royal work properly for my part, especially the academic proficiency aspects of Public activity (hopefully, on seeing they work so hard to ensure everything I do on social media is considered to be done in obscurity, knowing very well that if somebody else is engaged with it, it is not done in obscurity and the purpose of this behaviour is to fulfil dreams of fame and fortune by making everything that came across toxic, especially other peoples lives - it does add to the business of security guards looking after what seems to be their very lawless environments that other peoples careers can disappear into without a trace and women grab other people best made plans for living to serve them with, which they call Fashion and other forms of Celebrity festivals.).