The most recent matter of human violation which has come to light on public media has been that of a Judge being investigated for telling a burglar that he had courage and handing down sentence in a way which suggests that he commends him for his Courage but will send him to prison the next time he does burgle a house. I would personally have thought by the way that if a criminal is said to have courage by a judge then it is one of those issues that show we should not be allowing cameras into Court, I mean the fact that doing so would never determine whether or not he is investigated for it but tends to create other problems instead. It is impossible to say; we cannot entertain a certain form of defence and then dismiss others, if a thief goes around stealing because he is making a point he faces all kind of dangers for it and there is nothing wrong with a judge setting out that he showed courage which must be commended but that if the owners are aware of the situation in which his activities happen he could get into serious trouble besides which if he turns up in court over the same crime he will certainly end up in prison. So there is so much disparity in keeping cameras off the County Courts where important personal details of people may be disclosed and allowing cameras into criminal courts. For me it is still the old stuff of coming across crime records and dealing with the name you find with care lest people do your own stuff for you as well either way. Then there are justice issues around it such as the fact that some people commit crimes with knowledge the worst that can happen is their crimes turning up on Television but cameras are allowed into courts as well which raises justice issues. What I mean in the long shot is that the tales about little bullies will not carry because some people are just fond of interpreting life as an existence where a young person is being dehumanised, especially with the fact that they are incredibly stupid; so it continues when somebody is as stupid as a brick as they say until a brick flies through his windows and a young person is in an institution for a criminal behaviour. Besides which if the irresponsibility of the media is to be put in a crucible in this matter, allowing cameras into court will also end up creating circumstances where innocent children are swept along and I am not referring to exposure, I am referring to a child that wishes to become a religious person whose parents do not agree with the idea. I mean in the end whatever abuse they suffer lasts only a while and then they move away and live in their own homes but people who do media and practice such things as seeing a writer and seeking access to his personal life to get information used to write his books from the horses mouth like they are the only ones that know little village idiots with their left wing rubbish will always tend to make themselves the parents of these people for the rest of their lives and bully them very violently because the law which protects children can no longer protect them for that period. So it is never clear while they make these complains what reason there is for dehumanising peoples children like they normally do; I mean today you see a 16 year old and say hello but he responds in a way which suggests that what happens on the left or on the right is more important as though he has eyes by the side of his head like an antelope or when they are a bit well off you say hello and it turns out that unless you left school at the same time and had girl friends that knew each other very well you can never be a 21 year old parent, who has the right to make friends with anybody you want to otherwise; when they are finished with their abuses they tell people that the country has changed which I find really amusing because what is really happening is that the children have grown up and they are fighting for their lives as we speak.

Of course the usual idea and story is that I am an example and compete with older men for their friends, especially female friends but in actual fact the truth is that a Christian will become a reporter but now that cameras will be trained on her breasts we will find out what kind of Christian she will be and so it continues like that unto the point where I am having my livelihood handled and destroyed because I interfere with an old mans sexual desires while the explanation they give is that I have sexual fantasies about and sleep with other peoples wives and of course these idiots that abuse young people and become their parents pick up on that for good rewards they get through fame and fortune. She can never ever stand up there and report that news at any point in time like a normal or happy human being, while those who are responsible glory in the sexual plans they have and claim I compete with them over their friends when those are older than I am and of course there is the other side where it goes bad as well and it turns out they plan sex parties every weekend and all employees have to attend; the result being that because they are great men of media and information and renaissance like they love to think themselves to be, these women are good only for sex and should never be allowed into positions of leadership during such parties lest they wreck it and then when those women get around with me, I compete with them for their friends and every scumbag that is a left over in skirts of trousers by their club life gang and drug piping scumbags will become my latest over bearing and abusive responsibility and it intends to go on like that forever as well. So in the end you can only wait for them to claim the Country has changed and then ask them which country and remind them they are fighting for their lives as we speak but the Country is perfectly fine.