Of course they tell me that if they take my time out to attack me over the securities I built for my property that the mob wanted which I started to since I was 18 until now which means things have become democratically inconvenient for them, they have won anyway in the sense that they have made my money for themselves and therefore have dominated. This is not something I am concerned about since I cannot make out how a collection of incredibly stupid people can go from being oppressed by people that are Politically corrupt so they can claim they have won by being corrupt on the property on a completely innocent people who beats it out of them everyday in order to get the edge over their enemies and rule this person whose property they want to use because they are better people than he is, could fail to see they are such a collection of self harming idiots. This is the Political story; reality is that I don’t want to see any of that their stupid culture around me and have warned them enough times about oppressing me with it. Yap, yap, yap all over Parliament and media is perfectly fine outside that is not so good.

They like their Satanic bump and grind, I don’t like it but it has taken a decade of my time for them to force it on me, which is why I have detached them from it and will never let them have it hence successfully making them presentable for a change in their stupid lives, so they can tell me now they have passed exams in school there isn’t any more things I can do to them which must be some challenge. I have made it clear it is blasphemous while they have gone from getting personal about my faith to using peoples government authority to oppress me with their culture and put it in my life like it was their personal and private property and their own lives respectively. They just find it impossible to get it yet as it were. I mean it seems everybody but them know that is what is happening: they know when they do things to me until it is democratically inconvenient for them they will trap me in the bump and grind and tell the world they love me to move on and dominate, I love them too for the purpose of getting them to clean up.

Absolute power over the bump and grind was always going to cause the confusion of where I stand. The bit where they know I will never get a job if I become one of them so from the fact they are detaching me from God with money worries and the process of always being in a hurry for something to the ability to plan to have sex with me perpetually in order to dump their rubbish on me, which makes it impossible for me to get a job because they tell lies on me over and about it all the time too. If you think about it they are sure to pick it up on the media so there is no way to be a dishonest Christian and of course when they do my books never ever get sold because they are busy usurping the earnings, same with the job centres and same with whenever I have left my home to find work, which is why they are always doing something to ensure I am living among them.

These are just bare face facts about bump and grind. The real truth about it is that it is one of those things that draws me to them and draws them to me because it is either a way to have easy money and abuse somebody with power or a way to take their problems out on somebody that has all the answers to the questions of life; so I must always make sure they never get lazy on me as a people which is where their desire for bump and grind really helps. They are too fond of it you see, knowing what the property and money should be used for until they put you on benefits and will never get off it, then it becomes funny and constitutes power.  I am so good I do it with the Banks and the Stock market; the communities were always going to be easy pickings if I could do those.

No body gets lazy on me, let them work. I know my head hurts and my back hurts and my entire body aches but yes does it change anything I want to do when I want to do them? Not really.

So the claim that I work myself to hard to encourage them is rubbish; I just make myself angry all the time which gets them to feel they have felt better making me feel bad and have succeeded in life by seeing me fail and of course it does nothing to end their desire to do something abusive to me and get away with it even though I content for the time being with the fact they dress well and look publicly presentable.