So I have finished with the part about left wing vandalism and people meeting each other to do my work to get rich, take pictures of themselves and show off all over the internet especially with it. Now we enter the next stage i.e. stifle that stupid left, let the other side get out of hand and show what my job really looks like, maybe people will think all I do has a plan from an office and is worthy of respect, worthy of being looked at or read properly not making up personality and insolent conclusions they get off to fight me over my fame on claims it belongs to them with media and distant fascism and also jumping on my chest all the time because they want revolution and hence need to treat it like somebody’s property, maybe there will be other things; I am not going anywhere and I even bet the prognosis of it will be my own mans whiles on peoples chest as well because and the basis will be the quest to see them give me world domination especially using their media, for the Queen. So it seems it will end very well too. They are always doing those things where they get involved with things I create for the benefit of my customers as well as my administrative leadership and then before we know it they are off with that their media violence whenever I make any move claiming it is their own and I am now trying to take it away. So maybe they want to stop it so they can live in reality like normal human beings and leave me alone or maybe they want to continue with the outcome of results that have not been experienced before as usual. With respect to this  the great matter is that I am handled like a deity in this Country and so it means I don’t have the same kind of life they have; all should therefore be normal with my sense of tolerance and integration and regard for other human beings, the whole state of affairs of hatred for the insults of black people come to an end with a snuff out of the generalising it to all black people thing but they take that away with that process of getting involved with things I do for my friends allies and customers and then getting off on their media to abuse me in order to ensure I am not a damaging competition with claims it is their own now. Besides the security that the establishment creates from my spiritualities and temperaments that is, which they also like to upset by trying to get involved with and blasting it off on the media to dehumanise me. So again on this occasion I work for it and it is gone already before I decide to settle down, finish my studies and fall in love and we have not even begun to discuss the earnings yet. I work for it and before you know it its gone and it is that way every day. I mean I never said mentioning something about wrecking peoples livelihoods being biblically evil was the end and it seem to have been the watershed of what I can as far as they are concerned.

So there are those who are happy I make my affairs so public and I do not mean happy in a good way because they are already replicating my intellectual space, following it up with insults that suggest there is nothing I can do, as well as the idea I am just a spoiled selfish brat which they think is funny and the whole reason for sleeping around to secure alliances with republicans who help them ensure once I work for it, it is theirs, then move to the left wing to do the same whenever I make an alternative move is because all these facts show they desire me and that I am a curvy man they want to fuck with a dildo and this is something I want to completely destroy as well – their Obama in the US never listens and like to think that when I do not reward him because he is a fundamentally immoral person he will reward himself with my work and so I think I am up for the bet as well; doing so is what I get in return for making my affairs so public – apparently they suppose I don’t want to live a normal life when and because I have and I am not giving back that stupid culture either, especially for those who parents have influence in the establishment.

It is not the first instance either, the first was that retro ghetto rubbish of criminal being the best men and the wrecking of my finances because they have a recognised social right to have me as a slave they can dominate meant I stole my privacy from men who can do violence for others and need to give it back but as I said people like Obama never listen, once they are set on the desire for something that is supposed to have been a finality.

They say the things I get up to with respect to the left is my ego pouring over its boundaries; I don’t know however, maybe it is and may be it is not – all I know is that it is what they said about access and squander of my income which I cannot control and today it is OCD media and OCD Politics and OCD business and OCD Celebrities and all I had to do was write something on my websites. Of course they like to say they are out of my league and I don’t know how they could possibly have been out of my league either, however lets assume it is up for conversation and therefore I will never stop using it, using it to do the filthiest jobs in the world; they can come and get me if they want like they started it barging into my Court and getting into my temperaments such that they can attack me on television while I watch it on my bed and thereby get to determine what I can and or cannot do, so that when I get hold of them I make them understand what it feels like to have your time and thoughts deployed and used by idiots in such ways; I always think it is all their parents that are responsible raising idiots like them for my ego to spill over.

Its like when I speak about the fact that we will continue to be a country that discriminates against education when it is not free and they are all over the place making up stories about how I dig up their past. Then find out what I was really talking about is that people have to pay many times over for the same degree on account they must go to the older generation to get money to pay their fees; so they always pay for asking, par for getting the money and then when they graduate they pay the money back with an interest, plus fringe benefits of all the things that are associated with the fact when people want to peddle you to get rich and important or famous, no force in the world can ever stop them from doing so. The distance between the real problem and the suggestion of banning private schools can only be measured by which ones they are really paying for, not what would be the most popular suggestion. You are supposed to go into an education system in a Country where the older generation make business and employment so close to academic work for their own benefits and then try to rob the student of the research opportunities, to feel that money is not a barrier too absolutely anything and then when you graduate the government can get all the taxes they need for it and you will only have had to pay for it once. This is what I meant and I have even drawn examples on other occasions from things like the fact conjectures and suppositions used to doctor the dossier that approved war against Iraq was Heavily lifted from the final year peoject of a student; so when they set their precedents and try to build on it they think no body is aware and when I say anything I am digging their stupid past as if they have got any to write home about when their stuid insolent businesses have matured and they are on my case already as we speak.