That I mentioned the liberal democrat party (UK) is a much a party full of racists like every other party in the Country is not something I have had any second thoughts about saying. No person with a job or a meaningful job will take anybody who tells them they have made a solemn pledge not to hurt people seriously, so when Liberal democrats make such pledges and then hurt people all over the place like they always do, who are the people they are hurting, people that can recover from it or people that will get torn up then get told to patch themselves up call it an alternative name and move on because there is nothing they can do about it? It is not my problem in any case, they just have to work hard to win elections now that they have killed off all their domestic animals only to remember they have got guests and they are not killing mine off as well like vandal the Labour thinks it will chase me around and send out hoodlums to hunt me until they are able to do, while the Insolent Conservative think I will be a broken and not famous man because it is how they exist.

This is not something I cannot back myself on; it will be a simple case of keeping record over about 6 months, about what MPs say about my property and what they think people should do about it in Parliament and if they do not make explicit remarks to incite things against me like they have daily in the last decade I will not get into any problems and they will be fine but if they do I will put that on record make it into a book that people will want to read and then sell it, from where I gather money and sue them and because I have parliamentary records to ask for there will be no end to evidence I can gather to support it which will wreck their lives and make me even richer.

I am not planning to do that at the moment, what I spend all my time doing for now is write intellectual property I intend to sell for a living which will last me until I am about 50 and by the time I finish that between now and 2015, I really do believe that if conditions do not improve all the scumbags that want a fight around me all the time will most certainly get one. Of course there is every chance I might become court room rat, the opinions I feel should be left to the lawyers and the judges, I mean it’s a recession we have just recovered from and everybody wants a job creation idea.

As for the rest of them who run fame industries and all that rubbish they love to threaten me with all the time, they tell me I cannot do anything about it which is not strictly true when I look at it from the point of view of people who wake up on a day and plan to make lots and lot of money without working for it which is to be done by targeting my earnings, market place and books and then my personal life as well with the use of media because they are the only people who want to get rich without doing any work and want to know where I have kept the money obviously. All I need to do is gather evidence if I want to go to court and if I don’t want I need to do is stop them and step one has to be making sure MPs do not cut me short half way because all along I have said nothing and now want to stop other peoples human right to be famous from happening and this step one has already been taken care of all be it with the help of their insults threats and scandals.

So they say I treat women with disrespect which is not exactly true because the truth is that people that are older than me are having a crush on me and as a result I am never really at the age where I know whether or not they care about me hence only they know that, and because I am never actually all grown up everything I do winds idiots like them up seriously.

This is not something I think about either-no body that cares about me will find where my books and websites are only to turn up on television to improve their careers, it is the back stage wake up everyday and plan to get rich without doing any work by sharing my job and squandering my income and vandalizing my market place back stage scum that make noise which make things worse for me and will get all of them into trouble.

I mean with respect to people that are older than me having a crush on me thing anyway: I wonder what they think it does to me-if you are not a naïve Christian and because of it you catch the attention of the Queen and the Arch Bishop and the Prince of Wales just to mention three not yet all the ones from Overseas, then what kind of a person do you become when people that are older than you have a crush on you. It creates nothing but work slavish work and I have not got a clue what makes them think I cannot do something about save the understanding it is their insolence.

You have to be a certain kind of person and write a certain kind of books and be famous in a certain kind of way to do these kinds of things to defend yourself and I do not see them become Royal Princes any time soon. Fact here is that I have not got a clue what to do with my Court anymore. Years ago they worked out I was one of the most powerful Christians in the country and so when some goon wanted to use their matrimony to make people famous they decided to barricade me until I helped them and after doing so they took my securities off to mess about and did it through to the diplomatic world even standing in Russia for example to report the news calling upon me as if I am their fucking mate or something and now they are back here and everything is a mess and I don’t want any rubbish from them anymore so I am at a loss with respect to what to do with my Court and must continue to hope it will come to me eventually as we go along. They on the other hand will get another chance. I mean the least you can expect for such things is them reporting the news under the security they got from me which clearly has nothing to do with what men get up to and if they like it, help me with some PR for my books.

They claim I say things like the ones I have said but get about grabbing all the attention all the time; while the big question of course being whether or not it is my attention. They complain next of being fed up with their jobs but you can never convince them doing one thing at a time is the way to go and if you fail you can never have an ego bigger theirs while they are sure to wreck everything about your life.  Of course they tell me I complain when I cannot tag along with the big boys; big boys boy whatever who get MPs to use the apparatus of an entire state to mess my finances up for them to give them an edge to be big boys with and the idiots will not shut it bearing in mind it is now a matter of the risks that others will or will not take and of course the fact I am trying to sell books for a living.

They completely destroy peoples careers and finances simply because they think they can and thereafter want conversations about it along the lines of being fed up with their job, bearing in mind they are also stupid and only have media and politics power to mess people around with will be an incredibly stupid one too.