Their stupid men and their powers of bullying me on the media where they are skin heads and everything I do winds them up because I do it and feel I have done the job until they do my stuff for me and it ends badly and Germany rules the world as well, are always keen on all kinds of nonsense they say which suggests things I write on my websites are about me so when I lead in one direction they move things in another due to the way they feel in themselves which no body wants to fucking publicly know about, on account they have media to play around with doing it. This is not much of a case to me as the things I write on my website are about them and their robbery, I am a Government chief of staff and would not venture to write things about myself on a website except and only if it is necessary to get a fact about them and their robbery based insults and abuses and how I am creating benefits of doing the right thing on both left and right sides of society as if I am their mate or something.

Their Politicians of course being much the same anyway but in their case make out I am a mad crazy stupid person who is not having an effect on them which is not quite true; where we were years ago was the bit where I thought that if I stifled their Politics and they were unable to move around for their jobs and stifled their arguments so they were unable to say the things that they had to say in Parliament to make debates I will create a Political problem for the country even though they are the ones stifling my earnings with their insults they think are very funny. Where we are to day is the point where I have deduced if I do all those things any consequence on their part will only hurt them and so am on track to do it hell anyway. And I have not recently promised them they will have to fight me for that their stupid democracy until they win the fight.

 I do not for one moment suggest I think the things they do are important. in fact they are not, they are simply a process of bullying people with their powers and bullying people to make them sensitive to their powers before they bully people with their powers in order to get rich which has no meaning except hurt people while they steal things and anything else after that with respect to it is the things that the idiots who vote for it when it happens in Government Offices get up to, nothing else.

Their lives are not a focal point for me, they are just really insolent but fail to see that there is reality which contains things like myself and the Royal family and them on the other hand from where every worst possible criminal is likely to come.