So these days the government speaks of the option of legalizing drugs; I find it difficult even so to figure out why there are yet people having arguments against it too, I mean not that they shouldn’t but clearly these things are happening in reality and not a dream. I mean more grease to their elbows anybody? We are know it is not manslaughter when somebody is intoxicated and so of course in this case there will eventually be mental illness linked to intoxication which led to a murder, so good for those who legalise it because of course they are clearly not talking about Aspirin or are they? Clearly the cultures of wickedness that Politicians endorse so much are paying off, so I have no complaints.

Technically I find it impossible to locate who must have been the advocate for these plans to legalise drugs anyway; Russel Brand springs to mind of course but everybody else except the ministers of parliament seem to be able to see that Mr Russel is famous or rather notorious for a behavior that does not understand what discretion is or means in absolutely anyway whatsoever – the word limits has no sense in his life in anyway and that we are all grown ups who know that such behavior gets human beings killed. 

So back to me, the main issue of course and the fact I speak of other peoples discretion but have none myself, which of course applies to the idea of having discretion with respect to people who know you are famous world over, decide they want to believe something else of which you have never asked them and are not interested in their finance destroying insults as such anyway, then set out to become famous with infamy themselves all together by taking up your life if they want to and trying to brainwash those who have all these while been bearing witness to your fame and yet you will never see them do anything about the things they teach extremists is possible anyway, only seeking more and more fame and more and more destructive profits for their stupidities with respect to which they lie all the time and want to have somebody they can deal with in a way whereby their word takes precedence all the time. I have no sense of discretion myself when such people handle my property again and again and again and set out to ensure they get used to it and encourage themselves to do so as well, some pretending to be innocent and exempt from the actual act itself. So I always guess when they bring such things up it goes way back to the matter of claims I hold onto things I need to give up so there might be progress which I find really amusing and it becomes even more ridiculous when they claim they will make me give them up.

The fact of course in the matter is that there are way too many mixed messages in the drugs Policy that the government makes, because the government being the government as it were, wants to play with deviance, then make laws that govern them as well at the same time. Everybody else knows that if you take pain killers outside prescription requirements, you have to take more and more and more of it each time you are in pain as the resistance builds up – everybody knows it is all about interruption and correction; so the question is that of why anybody would take class A or class B or even class C  drugs; apparently they say it is the quest for cloud 9 and I can see that too, so I rest my case.