Now they are complaining about black people that come to this country and get all over the place because of me; I mean from that angle as it were. All that media racist thing.

The wickedness of stuff the Christians inspiration back inside him has paid off so far and we now have the twin condition where the racists realise they have got somebody whose every day life can be peddled everyday so when he has no means of settling down because he has no sense of home then they can have revenge for the fact they feel they do not want to see none white people in the country. While the none white superior ones have found somebody to follow around and make sure he keeps things in his mind that is evil when he gets one out insult mingled with sex and abusive language gets another back in like they control his entire life and exist to do that for the future of the world.

I am not too bothered about it since I know when people are being discriminative towards me besides the issue of the fact they are all like that here in the UK and overseas and so I must be able to protect my professional life and my right to retire just like I must my ladies, the means to deal with it is just to ignore them and move on. They on the other hand have a way of making sure absolutely that I cannot do when they are which is a factor of the things they do to people which can only work when people are scared of being beaten up by them and for those they cannot then they can get those that can while the Politicians do the peaceful persuasion which will make the assaulted see why they ought to co-operate-so now that I have also learnt that if I peddle them their lives are worse than if they peddle me and if they peddle me their lives just get worse so they can complain about black people coming here from overseas because of me as well I don’t think there is anything to be concerned about.

We still have so much to do as we are yet no where near the part where all that attacking me over things they feel I should be doing which I am not especially those of them that have found jobs in the Police force to play around insulting me with its equipment (they are very few but think I cannot tell they are there anyway because they are taking advantage of things some Civil service workers do to stop me from working myself too hard, as according to how they put it, I always whinge thereafter), we have not yet reached the point where they are the only ones that are famous in the world so when anybody wants to be famous they will have to be them.

I mean being them from my point of view is not actually becoming them which is a bad thing as it were, all that their corruption leading to a condition where they are eventually alienated and displaced on the left as they link up with tyrants in other countries that have enough power and money to ensure they have both sides and kill people to get it and so on. Being them from my point of view is collecting their stuff for the side of society that is not corrupt because if somebody beat them up for all those things they do to me it would not have had the same level of satisfaction. Now we have stability all over the west for it.