I am said to be one of the items at the heart of issues in Government and specifically whom the Politicians want to teach a lesson but it is utter nonsense – these sorts of things tend to build up and then when I clear them out, people show up to savage my finances making out I have been an unusual entity and some therefore suggesting I am a freak and finding ways to solve their problems at my expense by insulting me and getting support from the Media; what happens with the Politicians being that I have not been keeping them busy enough by taking my case to the Public and making sure every gimmick that makes a mess of my person, academic work and finances is something the Public hears about and I got a popularity following for, I have not been keeping them busy enough in such ways, to ensure they do not have the time to either teach any stupid lessons or develop insane fantasies about it all the time. What I am doing is rather a simple process of giving them what they have demanded i.e. a need to see what happens if I became a tramp that spent his time responding to lewd Celebrities and criminal popularity goons, I am responding to these things for them everyday but while studying or working on something at an Office, such things come at a really bad time as even they who happen to have gotten serious about these sorts of practical jokes over time, would testify.

We see the same things in the USA as well where the trouble makers claim they want to teach me lessons all the time and their abuses have never been greatly felt as it is in this generation but will not teach any stupid lessons as well – an old case of the fact when you do want to handle their own, you could set out that you were okay with Americans who get along with British migrating to the UK, if it was not possible for their Government to provide them an environment where they could get on with their daily concerns, then get around finding out what it is those insults and inability to keep their hands to themselves really can do about you. Then again the case is that we always have something we do with our ally every time and this one is just the one we are doing for this generation; a case of people travelling to the US to think of it as a place where they can do whatever they liked etc – so there is nothing unusual about it in anyway and the American Government can provide its people an environment that allows them get on with their concerns, only there is nobody putting forward some real solutions presently: where it concerns me is that these goons had made out I had written a Book which is an affront to their freedoms, so time and again, they rip up my work and stretch the publicity I built for it on a global stage, then require their Politicians to make me abandon it so they might own what they have created once they were tired of hanging around neighbourhoods tearing down family finance bases and ripping up peoples way of living, waiting for Celebrities to share fame, it is the part where they regularly appear to have achieved it, done some victory signs and selfies are taken on my Public image that makes me feel as if I am about to explode.

So it piles up when I have not done anything about any of it; the journalists who have been passing insults at me and addressing me abusively so often that they now think it is their insults that get me responding to matters that should make other people feel more comfortable about existing, which I can stop by looking a part for the purpose of making sure they had stopped talking to me or talking through to me etc – the Celebrity and popular culture ones ripping up my work and then my academic work when they see me attend the academic institutions to access my personality for quick fame, about which I handle their Celebrity culture as well when I am not in a destructive mood because I am lucky – the society ones that will not stop abusing me because they are building the self confidence of their children while claiming to envy my parents and the list goes on, so if it got on my nerves and I cleared it out, they would then say I am a different human being and a freak when I am not, but such nonsense would have damaged my finances anyway. The most annoying bits of all this nonsense being of course about my security, of which I do not want the way it works to end up in the hands of idiots who do all sorts of nonsense with it and cannot control what they create – so when people compete with me, the way competition comes through in Public in a Capitalist system is that there is an onus on people to get on with a day job, these idiots are about vandalism and therefore are a handful of pure villains, they are not going to teach any lessons and need give me my space, especially the Politicians; the only reason I would have wanted my security to end up in the hands of such gits would have been that my people were spending time making Celebrity twerps comfortable at my expense of which none is doing such a thing and their stupidities need to stop putting in me in that position running off nonsense in public to ensure I ended up there against my will while I also had to conduct some great fighting to recover everything and tidy it up time and again without reason or purpose, very unnecessarily. At the same time we see they are unable to control or discipline their own Children while unable to keep their hands off me, soon enough the Children will be getting around supporting Parents who work in Politics by getting all over the gangs and criminals that will stab and shoot but it will not be their problem yet, I am, apparently.

They say the problem is that I appear to be very weak while what has happened is that they rip up the academic work and finances, spend money on their Celebrity madness and show up here for self confidence based insults and abuses all the time – it is then picked up by their community croons because they claim my personality comes from sleeping with peoples wives and grandmothers and these community croons have always had fantasies about me losing my religion to get involved with local area violent issues, as stupidly as possible and they are relentless without a plan to give it a moments break at any time whatsoever, this makes me tired all the time, they then show up to churn my tummy because I know nothing about going around looking for trouble and I could never tell them off for it, as stupidly as it can get. As for the idea I am a shadow of myself, the reality was rather that of these stupid men taking the business of abusing me to make their families feel more confident to a whole new level; so it had gone from just claiming I walk around expecting others to affirm that I am a real Man, to claiming their wives and daughters can beat me up while I think I am a real Man, making out even my Essays at School are put together to ensure I am able to avoid a violent situation when people want to teach me lessons, making out their mistresses grabbed my manhood and spent it on real Men with money who can do violence to protect others, it had developed into a case of their modernism and sense of feel good factor being fundamentally based on me suffering some form of distress and walking around as if I suffer from Schizophrenia all together; hence when they complain about me as well, over time, it becomes a matter of being irritated by the fact I am still where I was ten years before, the outcome being that I cannot make money at my own pace and because they decide what my pace was, I do not make any of the money due to the fact they were a handful of incredibly stupid twats and this is what hopefully they will now keep up forever and build a future for their children who have copied the behaviour of never getting on with their own concerns until they had damaged people’s property. The being weak story comes into the scene when they had decided they used to be afraid of me but are not anymore, as stupidly as possible, the things that my time may be spent on obviously – it then feeds into this question of how there is an air around me that I am weak and then I am not weak but when people think I am weak then everybody can beat me up and it was a main thing but I am not a character that looks weak but is not actually weak at all as suggested – it has always been this way back at school, where those that can beat up will never stop praising themselves and those that cannot will never stop hurting themselves because I tended to twist those who bothered me into very difficult situations that they might not have realised I had built for them over it as well, as I grew up, it became a matter of the violence I did not do that idiots tended to have fantasies about while I had some invoices to pay off at Home, as stupidly as possible (I plan to take from them the Fashion and Celebrity connections, as I am unable to sell my Books due to the insults it facilitates when they are in possession of it and it goes without saying, there will be a tendency to see what it is they can do about me as well, bearing in mind how unnecessary such nonsense really is but had become their main preoccupation, if it depended on them - like when I am told my view of matters is vindictive but we see these activities performed by Politicians from all backgrounds while the Muslims have a particular reputation for being either the only group or the group to have begun a processes of Public support for any occasion in which somebody had suggested they were superior to me at National Politics level).