People are being forced to do this and forced to do that in Europe is the story we hear from the Politicians but the reality is that there is no such thing – the reality is that they think they want to crush those who benefit from a history of a second world war in which Germany was defeated and therefore feel they have no plans to integrate with the Germans and this is what they need to do and stop talking nonsense all over the place. Apparently it seems that doing it is a really difficult thing in which case nobody will work out a sound explanation for their insults shot off endlessly at those who do it with ease either: they speak of black people who ally themselves with Germans being twisted and evil and having no sense of right and wrong and basically glorifying themselves over the thirst for counterfeiting and other property vandalism they love so much but what about their own here in the UK and how much respect they tend to show for other peoples possessions and the ones from France are not doing so well over terrorism and the Middle East either, only that big mouth about whom they appear to be tougher than and need to be afraid of them. In the end it simply boils down to a simple fact that a Politician goes into government office to pillage the possessions of Royalty to make better his or her own and if they happen not to stay off my book sales and their idiots pillage my work one more time we will definitely find out what they are made of as well and those complains about what is happening to their various fraternities will be the least of their worries too.

I hear the part where women are the source of the problem of course and it is never clear why they always turn up around women instead of take a stand and fight those they provoke so they can talk less nonsense about who is supposed to let them have what they want on account of fear, when the Bible specifically teaches us not to fear scum like them who think the fact that people have bodies and private parts in their bodies have to become a means of factorising them in the most insolent way imaginable as though it is impossible to bring them low and instil fear into them as well. The ones on British Media like to make out they came from the violent sides of fraternities Politicians belong more or less and are people you need to be scared of but they are saying it to me from a distance as well with that big mouth: they can either take it or leave it the fact the Christian does not want to be corrupted because they are powerful and violent and deviant but cannot do it unless they are handling women in order to or they can keep talking nonsense and making light work of the things I do instead as well.

So the next time they feel like black idiots God’s gift to the world double sided double minded evil nonsense that ends with self improvement of other peoples righteousness like their American counterparts, they can use their own to do it so they might better understand what the price for peace is. None of it surprises me in any way since we all know it’s a matter of greed, which nonsense I will not tolerate from them either and the physicality of it not being punished is where they build their insolent self confidence from until I start to dig in for my part as well. I mean it has even gone from their race crap to the story of paedophilia in Church - like devil worshipers who want to make me disapprove what the devil and his followers come into Church to do to themselves, hence the question of what they can do if I don't and what part the mighty Americans, mighty with a big mouth can play on the matter thereof: I really do love it when the fact you are busy with other matters leads to a condition where you do not pay attention to their need for a filthy disgusting evil and violent habit around you, so that when they think they have changed their stupid lives to that effect and settled on it, that notion seems to coincide with when you are idle so that it might be reversed as well - its a bit nice and twisted and violent thereof.