So now we speak of Politicians getting off at Government office ripping up my whole life and having fun doing so, which is meant to add up to a matter of grave concern here but it does not actually – the reality is that it has always been a rather dangerous behaviour to speak of Politicians in terms of an entity that does not actually own the Public Offices or Government appointment that it gets, to draw up a fair sense of the wreck free attitude of vandalism they have as a mentality towards the general public and other people’s property especially dangerous so because they cannot do without offending a lot of people very deeply to make out that adds up to the idea when you do not wish to do something and they were able to make you do it, then the result of compliance would mean that they have shown that having been elected by the Public, they are in charge. So what we see the outcome to be is one of claiming the US spreads its influence around the world dangerously, which is utter nonsense as the biggest problem is that the average criminal is never going to take the risks of running their concerns in a way that draws the attention of the Police, if the Government of the day is helping them rip up peoples lives to make fame and fortune, it is actually easy crime and has not yet been written down in law as a crime all together – the problem therefore being the Media, Political and Celebrity corruption being played out on anything associated with somebody having defended themselves on the matter and not how the US spreads its influence around the world, I like to test it with myself in the sense that I have had enough of these goons showing up all over my concerns to groom me into a character that people can take advantage of to make money as a matter of their civil rights – I and my Books were not vulnerable to such things at 18, I was not even vulnerable to it five years after writing the Books, so they have taken their time to do so and so have I tolerated enough of it too. The Media ones claim I watch them all the time but what happens is their corruption of involvement generally meaning that since they had decided Church people make themselves out to be powerful while all they can do is build nice Churches that people may fornicate in, I opened up a Court to Female Journalists and they had taken it over for their money needs – the Politicians say the criminals I speak of are hurting people and I am the one with ideas on how the problem is to be solved, while it would have meant that we are back where we were in 2007 when the Prime Minister showed up at University to help me drop out on behalf of the same idiots, back then it was my bottom hurting and the problem was that I had a view of peoples barely criminal existence, now its their bottom hurting and whilst they have not restored my career, I will be doing something about it in their view with the big mouth they have got. So the other part being that the main frustration here comes in two parts and one is to do with their Political followers creating people a new lifestyle for stopping the theft at the shops, such that it is when I am not doing the security bits that my whole life gets wrecked and it will show up here to make an oaf of itself challenging me to a fight and making any announcement of my tummy ailments all the time – yet if I should go by the motive behind the reasons they do it, then the theory they are not practicing antisemitism at their Political parties will be killed off, since it is wholly based on the fact people are not co-operating with their needs and there will be Public problems such as racism that they will not be helping with; they do not get the better of me at all, they have stopped complaining because I am not doing security bits, since the last time the industry fools I am meant to have done it for were more interested in running off a campaign of announcement for my tummy issues instead. Hence we find eventually that the main problem they have with me is that for the last 11 years, my Books have not been doing as well as they should because they have decided that it must make them rich first otherwise I may leave their Country – which stupidities have now permeated Brexit to tell tales of the white people that were here first and the ethnic minorities that are making decisions about the new kids on the block, it is the insulting and disobedient reasons that the frustration being expressed around here is psychotic in context and I have tolerated it for long enough as much the same as we find them pick up my business and skin it with a history of insults to extract and deploy the assets for the purpose of winning their own contracts in the city, human beings are really not as stupid as they are. It then feeds into the case of Industry people saying that it teaches me of the difficulties they face in order to be successful and I find it hard to see what difficulties those were when all they needed to do is disobediently and insultingly pile it high and sell it cheap on a Prince’s Public image, hopefully their stupidities will pay for the Books first before they invest my equities that is and not rely on being a group of civil and criminally disobedient pathological liars. It does all exist like some expression of me getting off to mingle with crowds that I am not familiar with, show myself off as a big spender and sleep around to attract some gold diggers but they had for some years now decided to tackle people with these things at random and now I must live two lives in which one is about everything I work to protect and the other is about them, which is what it is all about; so if there was need to set out differences that people may recognise at Public service, it is easy to see that Celebrities have no sense of commitment with respect to fame and personal life, while I have to clear with the Monarchy as per whether it is okay for me to chase academic pursuits if I think I need the tools while HM had decided that it interferes with Royal tutelage and then the way I organised my life, such that the other half will do the financial aspects. Not to say the least of the fact that their disobedient selves are not in charge resulting in sexual assault when women want the dignity back.