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I am told I had little leverage to work with which is not the case, I have built my career properly and it is strong at the foundation, the only strong part about their own was a gimmick to ensure that I could not provide conclusive proof that they were trashing my income margins to make money, hence the only eventuality in which they picked up social matters that emerged when they pursued their concerns and made it part of their working process. It is all being worked in a situation where they and their famous gits were incredibly important for a decision they make about whom they shared their beds with and showed up to shed the blow back on my Royal public image, which had since developed into an inability to control their neighbourhood of fuck boys. It is then said that these were extremist tendencies and they were, the problem being that once done screwing around like this, it had to eat and enlisted its media fools to acquire my personal life for it, whilst the other fools at the US FBI and CIA decided I did not want to get into Uniform and fight for the Politicians, so they will run off gimmicks about my birth sign being inferior which is meant to serve a problem but does not as I am a Governmental operative and therefore do not suffer it as a matter of privacy but a matter of their own incompetence, whilst their popularity and famous idiots sharing my privacy with hoodlums and building communities to finger my bum was the privacy issue which I should never respond to violently like their entitled twats show up to stifle my finances in a bid to make me. They have since built a world of Muslim and Asian gits who claim they hated weak Libra star signs they could not take advantage of easily at the same time and the problem has since grown into prejudices that I endured everywhere I went, while their media stupidities spent my personal and social life on more of their gimmicks, looking for more of what they were complaining of. We are in this position because the fun games of the Politicians who continued to support them and interfere with what I did to push them back because exasperating me was exhilarating, whilst the Media and famous idiots joined in to pick up anything I did as their own creation which meant I was prevented from ever smelling nice while the abuses associated with their size would get to decide what I said and which part of society I ended up in, played into a world where law enforcement did things with the ethics of their work, the criminals who provided social platform for this nonsense were educated about those ethics and I was ignorant but this three way matter was a crisis for a bunch of idiots that could not keep their hands to themselves and had not a foggiest clue what they were doing with their stupid lives as well. The effect is that my own life expectancy gimmick are not killing as much of these idiots who saddle me with financial complications because they cannot stop running down those who have figured it out to make money, as would have been enough to create relevant public security associated with my duties – so the stupidities have become bolder and bolder in its practices. I mean apart from the one that pleases me the most such as when it needs my privacy to build restaurants that will then serve a safe place to eat one finished with their insanity here, there is the fact that it was impossible to educate them about the constitution being an instance where government was talking about whether and climate making people do bad things, up to the point where they could decide where natural borders were and progress to deciding food supply, we are talking about the sorts of thorny things that people had to deal with at government office where they assumed an environment existed where people ran away from home because the bushes were for some reason a safer place, to get around to the problem – it shows up here, always a stupid man, always ideas on how to make use of my personal space alongside some famous idiots, always had problems and those problems relied on me because it had a penis and it will not go away until it really had to. It is not clear why the Politicians and the Celebrities interfered with my countermeasures, if they witnessed these goons build communities to order my steps and run me down in a bid to follow on the business of wrecking my academic pursuits with an outcome where I deployed my career to serve their needs - what it means is that I had to deal with two groups of people and one never stopped running me down to make money because I had my work figured out, the other never stopped running me down to make use of my personal space spiritually on the premise that the force which drove them to abuse me was greater than the one which drove me to preserve myself. I am asked this question on occasion, about the reasons people targeted me so, which reasons were a simple matter of strange ideas construed that I did not know what form my physical appearance took and that people could do something by means of a process where I was detached from it - I however know what my physical appearance was like, it is a Royal Office where I am rather not convinced anybody could talk them out of the abusive activities associated with other peoples privacy and private body parts, I am also a Hermit in which capacity I will likely try to find out if their family was doing the National service for it considering that would have been an instance where I was working Church interests, therefore much less tolerant. The context overall is that I am told I needed to stop trying to marry poor but then again women would get in touch for a relationship if they wanted, it is not up to me fundamentally, I have organised my personal life as a choice between a wife and Celebrities, as my social life is meant to be a means for my wife to survive financially, thus to support this theory, we know there were wedding rings that social security can afford; that said, I understand the concern that I ought to take a good look at my duties and try to marry well but it is not to say that I am unable to do the job, I simply need to with current resources, update and improve my public image while making sure I continued the work of providing an atmosphere for my Clients to feel comfortable about coming into possession of my public during public appearances.


I]  I never brought upon myself all the misfortunes that have happened to me. What has rather been having ever since I brought it upon myself has been idiots who have some money, insulting and abusing me for having things they don't, holding me down in financial crisis and going off to media to build a reputation that shall be maintained permanently; that what they have created is what my life really is like, then try to move into my personal life.

 It all sounds like "I will teach you a lesson for thinking that you can have something that I do not" with a big mouth, when I own an empire and they just work in somebody else's establishment; which is how I put up with other peoples employee rubbish from them all the time unto the problems I have got for no reason at all whatsoever. 

  Children's Corner: Work done at HH' Office in Collaboration with the British Government High Lord of the Admiralty

A separate take on the benefits of paedophilia and deviance

II]  Thereafter which they buy shares in People's companies and think I ought to sit back and watch them destroy my allies and so on, which is always my business as they make it. 

The truth is that it takes  certain kind of business man to want to appear on Public TV and the media and more so all the time too and I am not stupid.  I mean imagine you are head of some 10 people in a board and they are leaders each of 15 people at the lower levels of the Business, are you going to suggest that you do not attend a party in the homes of one Employee or Board Member at least 2 times a Month? Thereafter what kind of a person would you be if you are fond of Media appearance? I have not started fighting them yet, when I do start that they will understand I will never get used to any of that rubbish. The Politicians of which it is fair to mention that for those, death they measure out is now enough for everybody and they are the ones having the Lion share. Naturally every fools who assume ownership of other peoples work and property like so always love to wish conversations about things people do which they do not realise is disrespectful was happening but largely of which disrespect does not come into the matter at all as is the issue of their disobedience and the processes of specifically exasperating me with it, about which media appliances in my home perceived to be something that can be used to talk through to me in person seem to be their major preoccupation. The first matter was a process of turning out to pretend there is anything that can be done about me and my part in the royal family having to do with a bit of normalcy and the outcome of that clearly looks good enough so now its about their piece of the pie of the person who serves the Monarchy hands and knees and the outcome of that will too.


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Now the blacks especially say I have been pushed into violence because I keep seeking attention by tempting fate of course which does not make any sense whatsoever since the truth is that I may be in charge but they are older than me and nobody will ever work out what it is about me that they enjoy insulting so much; hence based on the fact if I abuse them in such ways as well it becomes an advantage when they get on media to resolve it but if they do me they wreck my finances and foster orga...

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Europe - Priming Book sales at the Shop

Posted by Ikpe Uno on Tuesday, May 27, 2014, In : Royal Arch Prince and the Duchess - Mobility 

People are being forced to do this and forced to do that in Europe is the story we hear from the Politicians but the reality is that there is no such thing – the reality is that they think they want to crush those who benefit from a history of a second world war in which Germany was defeated and therefore feel they have no plans to integrate with the Germans and this is what they need to do and stop talking nonsense all over the place. Apparently it seems that doing it is a really difficult...

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Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.

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