There is talk now of Brexit setting the stage for widespread Political instability but I do not think there is Political instability that may arise from any other source but the laziness of Politicians all together anyway; it seems to have this problem with setting clearly what is prohibited in the Country and claims that the reason is that there are some people such as myself who would feel overtly comfortable and served by it when the Politicians are not my slaves – it then progresses from that to avoiding anything that looks like a Carrot and Stick disposition because it wants to use the society and culture trouble makers to threaten those who do not abandon any personality it wants to simulate at Government Office like it was their own; the whole time, the only people spending and wasting everything to do with a living I had planned as a result of keeping these Political instability trouble makers off my career, personal life and finances before my 17th birthday will be the same individuals blabbing the sort of nonsense I have thus mentioned. So we see that there is always hope in every Political instability case – we know if there will be civil war in 24 hours and you spoke to them, they will still tell you that although they do not know a 24 hours where somebody was not ripping up their lives and finances since they became aware of the world around them as human beings, being distracted from career and finances is not necessarily a fair trade for killing somebody else either, until the 24 hour limit runs out – there is therefore no part of the instability which is not due to the actions of the Politicians, specifically their laziness. Their ever abiding excuse always being that they do not like the Country and wish to change it, of which we all know they will get bored with any changes they made very soon and that it is really all about the business of making out others walk about like conquerors, on account they want to move into peoples personality and beat up the victims to prevent recovery from such abusive behaviour – with respect to which they claim its all abuses from the Monarchy being avenged while one does not generally feel its okay to detach the self from having finances wrecked and groomed for rape by idiots who appear to need money and self confidence after government funds had been spent on them while it was being spent to destroy somebody else’s well made planned living, to detach the self from it means being left to uncertainty about what Politicians are doing with Children of which we know of paedophile rings at Parliament being recently investigated in this Country going back the last 50 years or so; hence as we can see I never asked a question of why they do it for my part anyway, when I know they lost their sense of fraternity with Land and Country by sleeping with Girls, chewing snacks and finding little way to get rich on Public funds. For my part it is usually suggested that I avoid the main points of the matter which I do not as such – its about Politicians setting out warehouses with their government salary, warehouses that will make them rich and then having no time to work for it while the same conditions where it is said that I am responsible for what people are suffering when in reality what happens is that they could get me taking out a project to write a Book that they have paid for or buy one that I have already written but never make use of my work without paying for it and leave me wondering what sort of insults achieve such nonsense as working on a contract without a project to work on all together but in the case of the Politicians the strange things this sort of nonsense does to the tummy is the reasons young persons that are insulting enough to grab personality that important people should get ought to give up to them and yet I have never seen a victim of such nonsense get an alternative career from their high and mighty government office for it either; all together of which the business of keeping them off getting to hybrid themselves into Industry is still on, just like their industry goons said they were going to make me suffer for everybody and I took up the recovery processes and ran it for them as it currently remains.

What people leave out when they complain is the part the play in the matter as such; in the case of civil rights people, it want to work some culture and society that will allow crowds gather on my door step over its needs and once done with its underworld power gimmicks it makes out religion is made up, spends time showing up in public places to challenge me to a fight until I fall ill, claims I make out I have counted all the enemies and destroyed them and then set about insultingly making my whole life toxic by its financial problems depending me while it flatters me abusively the whole time – the Politicians are more about changing the Country and attacking people without reason to claim they had lost sense of fraternity with Land and Country therefore want it back and they are the only ones complaining about the consequences of claiming the British Monarchy is doing the bad things that get the crowd to carry out revolution against its leaders when that wasn’t actually happening. They always excuse it by processes of telling me that their position and disposition is used to defend the Country therefore they can take whatever they want but its so annoying for me as I do not see them perform Chief of General staff roles in this Country all together in the first place ; what I see is their Media and popular culture goons saying Celebrities are professionals, architects are professionals, politicians are professionals but soldiers and Police need to be assisted. In my case of which it is said I look the part since my Royal Order is usually something Americans will handle and make out belongs to them but cannot deal with the tailbacks i.e. I am not the biggest man in the world and will be toeing the frontline if a war should break out as such, so I have a Royal order that decides how I fight my enemies which people find addictive but so will they find that it becomes impossible to control casualty levels too etc, I really love the part where they end up thinking it over while they are either facing danger or have had to change plans while doing so, on account I just did something to be myself and everything they said about being me to stop me from being me had failed; hence I get told not everybody thinks my Royal Order is a threat but quite so, as security operatives who protect me in and out of Uniform are never likely to feel it is something that is separate from their person and their work. The story of Political instability cannot be pinned on any other group of persons apart from Politicians; for my part it’s a matter of the fact they are always making out that I pander to the needs of every practical joke poking goon that got elected recently, while I am only interested in responding to Political blocs that perform specific tasks but all together we can still see that when we look to the high street, the ethnic minorities that serve their needs are hanging about passing around blame culture, stoking crime and blaming others for racism – usual assumption is that they do it in good faith since it is obvious the teachings of the Church was correct and not following it brings about outcomes like working in the sex industry for instance but they really cannot blame anybody for the instability that it causes, especially as a large part of it has not been done in good faith all together. I do get told this is all high level government operation and should not be exposed but for me its all civil and criminal disobedience which I am very good at, the Politicians however are the ones who enjoy spending money on such trouble makers and then wondering how to control them when they had become rich later on - I for part only now have to tolerate what happens when I tell it not to do a particular thing with my Public image to claim it is fashion and then it does it again in 12 hours, should I sort that out, I will have to give it another 6 hours before it does again and then again after 4 hours and then again after 9 hours after which it all begins to look like a joke while religion is made up.