It is actually not the case that HH cannot set out to do extremely well at academic work or become more intelligent with it. It should not send out the wrong idea either to have mentioned it but this matter really needs to be addressed as well. The trouble is that the trouble makers that create this matter are always so silly they are able to make time and space within their thoughts to do such things, not to mention doing things to people which makes no sense or doing things that are democratically inconvenient to do in order to hurt people when it makes no sense to hurt such people and in conditions where reaching those such people is difficult but do on account they have fantasies and then demanding democracy or freedom or human rights at the other end of the whole game they love to mess up peoples lives for a laugh with.

HH for his part must be able to see that the problems he has and the insults he has to put up with from them and the fact socialist Politicians have helped them with access to people who do not belong to them and so they have moved from hurting their own, which is something that can be looked into, to hurting other people with the pleasures they imagine which create and plan to have with people lives, which creates alternative arguments for them and have done so specifically with HH's property because they too want to have a go at playing games which suggest they have enough spiritual power to kill him if they do not or are not allowed to try to. This means that HH ought to try to ensure he settles for a pass mark in all his academic work, which is tricky in the system they have built around him currently since they began, to be based on targeted discrimination for their pleasures, which others like to follow after crippling HH's finances and book sales with their stupidity based wasteful games and familiarity. Where they can get together to attack him until he ends up only doing about a pass mark in his studies and then the margins will be so small that if they take out some two to three points, he would have failed and their secrete society powers would have made somebody worthless, then they will do precisely that for fun and to feel good about things, secretly of which it is funny planned to go on until maybe when he is about forty and they have completely ruined his life, then they can show what the truth really is about what they have been doing in public, which will have shown they have done the unthinkable and defeated Royalty. So has One too set up structures to ensure that doing such things will not feel funny at all but rather mean lots of pain because all that mockery plays on his well being whether or not he id defeated.


If One were to do the A grades which will further get him into a place where he stands up for himself with respect to peoples insults, abuses and contempt, which he does not except they waste his finances with their destructive insults in order to get his attention for perversions like they can give to others, bearing in mind no body told them it would be a good idea to have access to it, since it is his finances and not theirs in the first place, then due to the number of them that do it and how they have media and travel means to shuttle around the world and do it with, putting them in their place would change the world, which is not necessarily a good thing at present if we are not certain of the results that we will get out of it.

They of course complain regularly more often than not and claim HH is the National Jester; in fact they are having fun with trying out their powers of brain manipulation because they are trying to become him, for according to them and their stupidities that their own properties always seem to be safe from, he has those evil powers with which he manipulates peoples brain when they are the ones that believe their own lies which does not do anything to change facts; but has anybody seen the kind of music industry they want lately, or indeed the Politics they have already created for themselves and now the kind of economy they want, has anybody seen what they intend to be doing with their stupid children-the ones that do not make the grades, on One's property and income, what the men get involved with stupid girls to do with HH's thoughts based on writings of his that they have seen in public and the women with stupid boys that want media jobs with HH's writing career, health and income? One's own time wasted of course, so that they can get into places to use his books to sell their own wares and make sure no body buys the books as it were, as though they can give to others? Of course One knows it is all becoming more and more racist and it will be handled along those lines as well.

HH is not really bothered about these things, his prognosis "it does nothing to change facts" as in what worries him for most of the time because he has done enough to ensure all he has to do is secure his sizeable holdings in Government and Economy from vandalism, so getting back to Academic work will not be difficult for good and they never will have such power even in their dreams but insisting and wasting HH's time and finances and not their own time to ensure it is successful for a decade must really mean they have something to prove, now they refuse to acknowledge he will do anything possible to protect his holdings so that he can provide for his people and sell his books to them and in this make it impossible for him to deter them with sensibilities, especially with their Politicians coming up with one abusive excuse after another, which is hinged on their failures and the resource of picking a fight with his to create their mess him up pretty badly violence and make other names for it which protects them from retribution until such things reach a point of no recovery for the victim they cannot stop assaulting, in order to hand his property when they go into Parliament to discuss politics, which they always do in a way which ensures he cannot provide for people with his work, which intent is so he can earn from it selling them his books hence a complete job, contrary to claims of volunteering which they want to own the fame from, on account they want beauties they can use for the greatness of their Politics and secretly personal political careers, tell so much lies about it to make it look necessary in order to encourage their society idiots, help those to pass exams in school spending HH's property and wasting his time for the masochistic good feelings that will help the frustrations of their idiots who need to and have some hope of winning elections without working for it, then send out even more media idiots to tell HH that is his lot and what his life is to be used for by everybody with a big mouth and that it serves him right for thinking he can be more important than they are, whereas they started the fight from the stand point of the crime people commit against them by becoming new adults as if this is their own lives. So the Natural thing is always that Politicians expect to go to parliament and set up structures with which to demand things from HH's property everyday, until they had taken it all one at a time while wrecking his finances to ensure there are no doubts looking for trouble they expect him not to defend himself from because it is about the process by which they run a country as if everybody is as stupid as they are, without taking into consideration what One will do with their Politics as well, since they do believe they are some kind of insolent and violent celebrities.


And those that vote for it and show a lot of support for it on the Media and in Public will have to vote for it and all possible results too. HH's prognosis; "the idea somebody is power behind my power is something they know will cause an idiot to wreck my finances, just so he can wreck my academic work and get me to do it all over again when he settled in on being my Father insolently who orders me around to get an education and move out of my history and Personal life and aesthetics for him to occupy, hence a very fantastical way of provoking me. They all from their various positions of sense and sensibilities, believes and belief systems think I am a loser and each and everyone of them have their own violent means of showing this fact to me. It is not important to me what they think, it should be easy to see I am an Arch Prince, I own a Royal Estate and occupy the Office of a Half Priest-Half Prince Government Chief of Staff. If they should cross me I will do them again, they can and could always leave me alone. Naturally, back stage media idiots cannot listen when I tell them it is a crime to deploy my intellectual property to do fame and riches. They think Celebrities and their social fools need to be more confident in the face of the tag along Joe who expects others to buy his wine and dinner because they are the ones with the real cash doing real spending on the High Streets and it is what Celebrity culture had always set out to achieve here no matter how impossible."

Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.

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